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Todd Molitor IKFSA, HKC, IYCA Youth Nutrition, ETP Certified
hate working out! At least that's what I thought.... I reluctantly
started doing kettlebells and functional fitness per my wife's
persistent encouragement and flock of peeps gathering at my house to
train with her. Little to my surprise I enjoyed the way I mentally and
physically felt after the sessions. I truly hadn't sweat like that since
high school sports and already had a physical job. I soon found the
benefit in functional training and also rewards of helping others
achieve a healthier quality of life. This lead me to pursue various
certifications in IYCA Nutrition, HKC and IKFSA Kettlebell Sport with
Kettlebell Master of Sport Sergei Rudnev.
Kettlebell lifting has
become a passion that causes me to help others get the goals that they
want, physically, nutrition wise and lifestyle.

On my off days you can find me on my dirt bike, four wheels or really anything that goes fast.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Website Link www.180kbellgym.com
Phone Number (651) 300-2353
Address 6845 20th Ave S Centerville, MN 55038